5 Things To Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers [VIDEO]
I am not much in the kitchen. In fact I will not have any Thanksgiving leftovers since I never host the meal. However, you may be an actual adult that does indeed cook and will have turkey day leftovers. Here is a quick video of what you can make with that extra turkey, canned cranberries and last s…
Best Foods to Eat When You’re Sick
It’s definitely the season to be under the weather. Knock on wood you’ll stay healthy this year, but if you find yourself with a cold, here are a few foods to help you get back in top form as quickly as possible.
Woman Makes $9000 A Month Eating In Front Of Webcam [VIDEO]
Forget what problems are eating away at you, think about what you could eat to make fat cash! You may want to learn how to be a 'Meok-Banger'. Meet Park Seo-Yeon, she is a Meok-Banger. This banging bitch makes $9000 a month from fans that pay to watch her eat for hours a day. Damn, if anyo…
Flint Food Porn: 5 Food Photos From the Area’s Finest Restaurants
With the advent of digital and social media, we now have the ability to share the photographs of our daily culinary exploits with all of those poor schleps, we call our friends, that most days are more likely to scarf down a dry, bologna sandwich for lunch than break away from the office and enjoy a…

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