Announcer Gives Play-By-Play Of Fan Running On Field [VIDEO]
Seems like almost every game you go to nowadays you'll find some drunk idiot running onto the field. Unless you're at the game, most of the time you never know it happened on TV. This is not the case with this one. This time, the announcer decided to give the greatest play-by-play ever.
Will Ferrell Is Part Owner Of A Soccer Club In L.A. [VIDEO]
You can always count on Will Ferrell to do something weird on a late night talk show. It's hard to take him serious, let alone with all the costumes he wear. Here he is talking about being part owner of a new soccer club in L.A. and they talk about a hilarious player from Ohio.
Wide Receiver Makes Catch With Help From Feet [VIDEO]
This guy definitely has some quick reflexes. While trying to pick up a first down with this completion, the wide receiver is covered pretty well by the defended. Instead of giving up, the receiver makes a last stitch effort to pop the ball up into the air with his foot to make the catch.
Drunk Football Fan Face Plants Bus [VIDEO]
Football season is truly the most wonderful time of the year for a lot of people. Tailgating, beer and fan fails go hand in hand! Here is the first of many football themed fails we will see this season. Check out this clown. The Buffalo Bills fan drinks beer from a bat, spins around and face plants …
Another High School Football Player Attacks Ref [VIDEO]
High school students are getting pretty brazen nowadays. This is the second time in a few weeks where a high school football player has taken his temper out on a referee. This one is not as bad as the video from last week where too players blindsided the ref though. Even after saying that, it's…
Play Our 2015 Pigskin Pick Em for a Chance at $10,000
Think you’re the top football expert in Flint? Make your picks here for every regular season pro football game this year. If you pick more games correctly than anyone else you win an awesome Bud Light cooler and NFL mirror, as well as 2016 Tigers tickets and a shot at $10,000!

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