Barry Sanders Runs Away With Madden 25 Cover [VIDEO]
Barry Sanders retired long before the video game age really kicked off. Sure we had Super Nintendo,Sega and a couple other gaming systems vying for the attention of youngsters. But the way athletes are used in the world of gaming has changed since then. Which is why seeing Barry Sanders on the …
NFL Releases 2013-2014 Season Schedules
The NFL released the schedules for the 2013-14 season recently. So, I'm sure your wondering who's on the slate for the lions this year? So, with that, here's the schedule. Take a peek, Place your bets, and let the speculation begin.
Nate Burleson Tries to Recruit Reggie Bush To Lions [VIDEO]
Everyone that has seen a Detroit Lions game in the last few years knows they need a running back BADLY. So, Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Nate Burleson tried to do his part to remedy that problem by attempting to recruit Miami Dolphins Running Back (and Free Agent) Reggie Bush
Youth Football Coach Allegedly Hits Teenage Player [FBHW]
A Utah youth football coach is being charged with assault for allegedly hitting an opposing player as he ran down the sideline.  The 7th grade player supposedly suffered a season ending concussion.  When the video surfaced, Nathan Harris was arrested and charged with second degree child abuse.  That…
Youth Coach Sucker-Punches Ref After Disputed Call [VIDEO]
Assistant youth football coach Dion Robinson was arrested after sucker-punching a referee at a youth football game. The crazy thing is, It's not Robinson's first time in trouble with the law. This dude's criminal record includes arrests for battery on a law enforcement officer, aggrav…

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