Brady Hoke Speaks About Michigan Vs Michigan State Rivalry
The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State football is more intense than ever, especially when you consider the recent success of Sparty and the fact that the all-time record belongs to the Wolverines.  Brady Hoke is well aware of both facts and he recently spoke out about the rivalry.
Nick Fairley of the Detroit Lions Arrested Again
Nick Fairley just can't seem to stay out of trouble, as he was arrested for the second time in two months, most recently for driving under the influence and attempting to elude police.  Check out the details and what this means for his future in Detroit.
The Week In Sports Recap 5/21/12
It's funny how everyone can be bitching about the Tigers, but as soon as Justin Verlander gets out there and goes 8+ on a No-No and everybody is right back on board.  Thoughts on JV, why Matthew Stafford is the man, and why you should be cheering for the Pacers, even if one of them punched…
Flint Fury to Host Free Youth Football Camp
The Flint Fury have been representing the 810 and giving area football players an avenue for continuing their playing careers for years.  Now the Fury is giving kids a chance to work on their football skills at a free training camp.
Coaches Fight During Lingerie Football All-Star Game
This coach is abnormally pissed for an all-star game.  I wasn't quite sure what to say about his voice either.  Judging by the pitch of it, he probably has the most estrogen coursing through his body then any of the players.  Granted it's not a great fight but it is a reason…
Preseason Looks Good For Both Wolverines and Spartans
College football will be here before you know it, and fans of both Michigan and Michigan State both have reasons to be excited. The Spartans and the Wolverines have been productive this off-season are seem ready to make a run at both the Paul Bunyan Trophy and the Big Ten Title.
Flint Native and New Orleans Saint Mark Ingram Has Knee Surgery
When you play running back in the NFL, you're going to get banged up.  Entering his sophmore season, Flint native and New Orleans Saints' RB, Mark Ingram is a little banged up, and he's trying to get better.  Check out the details on his latest knee surgery and what it means…
The Week In Sports Recap 4/30/12
How is it that we are in the best month in sports, but every Detroit team has dropped the ball?  It's been a frustrating week to sit around and watch sports, but hey, somebody has to do it.

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