Foxy Shazam

Pics From Last Week’s Foxy Shazam Concert
I'm a little late getting these up but better late than never. Last Wednesday Foxy Shazam performed for the first time ever in Flint and it was awesome. I had so much fun at the show, they guys were a blast to watch. Check out some of the pics from the concert...
Foxy Shazam to Rock The Machine Shop Tomorrow Night [VIDEO]
I've heard so many good things about Foxy Shazam's live show, I can't wait to see the band perform live tomorrow night at The Machine Shop. Lots of tickets are still left and it will only cost ya $10 to get in, come on out and hang with me and the Banana crew. Get there early to check out Wilson, th…
Foxy Shazam Vs. Edisun – Cockfight
Foxy Shazam turned in an impressive victory over Halestorm last night to make it to tonight's final bout, will they go out undefeated or be knocked off by Edisun in The Cockfight?
Foxy Shazam Vs. Halestorm – Cockfight
Foxy Shazam inch closer to their 10th victory but Halestorm will attempt to end their hot streak tonight. Two songs enter but only one will survive in The Cockfight, vote for your favorite here.
Foxy Shazam Vs. Mastodon – Cockfight
Mastodon try to end Foxy Shaxam's dominance with the latest ass-kicker from their album 'The Hunter.' Since it's Friday we're keeping the voting open until 10p on Sunday, the Friday night Cockfight is on!

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