Freak Out

Nemo Balloon Causes Mom To Freak Out In The Kitchen [VIDEO]
Some people get really startled really easy. This mom was just minding her business hacking up a turkey when Nemo stopped by for a visit. I'm not sure how she didn't see that big ole thing coming at her but she's lucky she didn't stab herself in the face with that freak out.
GameStop Employee Has Hilarious Freak Out In The Store
This is one of the best freak outs I've seen in awhile.  This time of year has to be the worst if you work at a video game store.  This guy has had enough and lets everyone know how he feels.  I'm not quite sure what the guy doing jumping jacks is all about though.
Guy Goes Crazy Over Old Train That Travels 50 Feet
No one should ever be this excited about a train.  I know collectors can get excited about old and hard to find pieces but this is a bit much.  He seems completely turned on by the sound of the horn and that fact that it travels 50 feet down the tracks.  Check it out.
Kid Freaks Out Over Drugs In MW3
Somebody get this kid a Xanax before his head explodes.  This could quite possibly be one of the best video game freak outs I've ever seen.  He is really upset that the video game contains drugs and kids can play.  First of all, speaking as a parent of kids that play video games -- chill out!  Games…
Pissed Off Garbage Man Loses It
Everybody has bad days.  This dude had apparently had an awful one.  Watch him turn his job as a garbage man into a job as a wrecking ball.
Guy In Computer Lab Freaks Out And Screams At Christmas Band
Talk about being pissed off during the holidays.  This guy takes it to a new extreme.  This poor band was just caroling around the campus and this is the thanks they get?  My guess -- he wasn't studying, they just interrupted his game of World of Warcraft or caused him to water the wrong plant on Fa…
Dude Freaks Out In The Greatest Exit From A Reality Show Ever
I do not willingly watch reality shows.  But my girlfriend loves that crap, which means sometimes I have to as well. It's not very often, but every now and then, these reality "stars" provide some real entertainment, and when I saw this dude get booted off of VH1's &…
Nicholas Cage Freak Outs
Nicholas Cage has been making movies for a long time, but still a lot of people don't think of him as a great actor.  I disagree with those people and I think this video of him freaking out and screaming proves my point.
Guy Gets Tattoo And Freaks Out
A lot of people are nervous about their first tattoo.  This dude is a whiny bitch about his.  Check out what happens when a dude in an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt gets inked.

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