Man Goes Bitch Mode On Slingshot Ride [VIDEO]
This guy was really trying to look like a man at the start of this ride. Unfortunately, it was a little more intense than what he expected. As the ride takes off, you can tell he is about to freak out. It looks like he goes through an exorcism half way through. Even the chick with him took it better…
The Greatest Freakout Ever – Throwback Thursday [VIDEO]
Since the dawn of this video, this kid has entertained the masses with his explosive temper. Over the last few years, we have seen almost 30 videos just like this. I don't know about you, but every time I watch one of these, I really hope he gets punched in the face!
Brat Teenage Daughter Screams Like A Banshee Over Juice Box
First I would like to congratulate these two parents on not going to jail. Kids today think they can say and do what ever they want.  You know why? Because we can't beat them anymore. (My opinion expressed for comic relief...please don't cuss me out in a stupid email over that stateme…