Do The Urkel [VIDEO]
I really want to know what goes on in peoples heads!  What possesses someone to get in front of a camera and do these things?  Youtube can ruin your life!
Star Wars Toys Make Great Pets [VIDEO]
If you like me and a big Star Wars geek (go figure, the web guy a geek,) then you wish might wish that you could have an At-At as a pet like in this video. Don't miss Jaba the Poo @ 0:42!
7 Public Marriage Proposals Gone Terribly Wrong [VIDEOS]
Public marriage proposals: The worst or THE WORST? If you're a girlfriend and you're afraid your beau is so clueless and stupid and crass and terrible that he'd arrange for one of these trashy public sports proposals, have him watch these rejections and maybe he'll get the messag…
Rich Guzzi at The Machine Shop [VIDEO]
Rich Guzzi, comedian and hypnotist visited The Machine Shop on Thursday, 1/20; if you didn't have the chance to catch this live, we captured it on video for you. I was never a skeptic of hypnotism, so of course I had to participate in the fun. I tell you what, it was probably the most relaxed feelin…
Sticky Situation At Walmart
Prices are not the only things dropping at a Florida Walmart.
William Tyler Black of  Florida was caught with his pants down and "going to town" on himself in the toy aisle of the super store.
Awful Christmas Sweaters
Every year, the LaBrie clan throws a party for all their friends, and at this party there are a few who go out and buy awful Christmas sweaters. You could come to expect to see a few of these sweaters there.