The 25 Best TV Sex Scenes of the Last 20 Years
In the Golden Age of television — or Peak TV, or “oh god, please stop, I have enough to watch already” — shows aren’t just more cinematic, they’re offering us more of everything. That includes more sex scenes, which have become increasingly prevalent, reveal…
Icy Hot! Girls Ice Fishing In Bikinis [VIDEO]
I live on a lake and have never seen anything like this. Sure in the Summer time, but never during the winter. I don't ice fish, but I do ice skate and trust me - I am bundled up like an Eskimo, not an Eski-hoe! I am kidding, no judgement here...
Movie Chicks In Santa Suits [VIDEO]
Are you feeling lonely today? Are you wishing you were alone instead of with your dysfunctional family? Do you like girls in Santa suits? I am out of questions - but I do have a video compilation for you of celebrities in Santa Claus suits. Maybe not the HOTTEST of hot - but porn actresses were not …
Hot Girls Washing Cars – You Are Welcome [VIDEO]
Two things that most guys like - girls and cars. This video has just that! The twist at this sexy suds car wash is while washing vehicles, these girls give lap dances to people. Am I wrong to assume this sexed up car wash took place in a strip bar parking lot? Hey, the girls may not be clean - but t…
Babes And Boats FAIL Package [VIDEO]
Boating and babes are two things that go very well together. Throw in some major FAILS and you get one hell of a video montage. You know what is better than a hot chick? A hot chick falling!
Deep Throat That Dog! Girl Swallows Whole Hot Dog [VIDEO]
Now here is chick that is fun at a party! Watch as this innocent looking girl swallows a whole hot dog. I don't know if you practice this kind of a trick or just eat a lot of dick - I mean hot dogs. You should ask your girlfriend to try it - I hear she is fun at parties too!
Hot Girls Having Holiday Fun [VIDEO]
Baby it is cold outside! If you want to heat up your Christmas Day watch this video! Have you ever wondered what hot girls wear on Christmas? Ho, Ho, Ho - it's off to remove their clothes they go!
Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Alone [VIDEO]
If girls are a mystery to you, watching this video will give you a clue as to how the female mind operates. Okay maybe not, but you can see what girls do when they are alone. Since I am basically a dude I asked Chrissy Monroe if this was accurate. She said yes.

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