Friday Morning Fail, Trouble On The Golf Course [VIDEO]
Thank God his friends had the idea to film this shot. This poor guy had a bad shot that put him right next to the water. Unfortunately, and thankfully, his ahole friends made him play it from there. He was on his toes, took his swing, and the rest is history.
Even Pro Golfers Have Bad Days On The Greens [VIDEO]
Videos like this make me think I still have a chance to be a professional golfer. Ernie Els has been playing professional golf since the late 1980's and still manages to have bad days. After kicking off the Masters yesterday, he ended up missing a short putt six times before putting it the…
Kangaroo Chases Golfers On The Golf Course [VIDEO]
I have seen some weird things on the golf course, but never anything like this. These two guys were out playing a round when an angry kangaroo decided he didn't want them there. After the guys retreat to their golf cart, the kangaroo makes a charge. The damn thing nearly caught up to them befor…
Putt Putt Golf $18,000 Game From 1989 [VIDEO]
I had no idea that this was a thing in 1989. These guys are really serious about a skins game in putt putt golf. Just listening to the commentary will make you laugh. It gets better as you watch the whole thing. I love golf but the are at a very rare and almost impossible level of nerd in this one.

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