Good Deeds

Secret Santa Picks Up Family’s Walmart Bill
On the Friday before Christmas, Ruby Modlin was grocery shopping at Walmart with her family.
The Altoona, Iowa woman noticed that a man was following her around the store. Being a glass-half-filled type of gal Modlin figured it must be somebody who recognized her -- maybe from high school.
Teen Suspended for Growing His Hair for Charity
We've seen students get suspended for violating their school's dress code before, but 17-year-old Zachary Aufderheide was actually doing it for a good cause. And yet, it got him thrown out of Canton South High School in Ohio anyway.
Heroic Firefighters Save Family Dog
It's a fact that firefighters will go to extreme lengths to save lives, and now comes a story of heroic first responders who rescued a beloved family pet from the brink of death.
The Best Excuse Ever To Go Out For Beers
If your woman is anything like mine, she'll give you the "Okay" to go out and have a few beers with the fellas, then give you a guilt trip when you come at 3 in the morning smelling like a combination of brewery and strippers.  An Argentine brewery has a fool proof way to…