Guiness World Record

How Tall Is the Tallest Man in Michigan? [VIDEO]
The tallest man in Michigan is so tall that he has to have his clothing and even his bicycle custom made. Standing at 7 feet 7 inches, Mike Lanier has earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records along with his twin brother as "The World's Tallest Twins."
Semi-Truck Jumps Race Car [VIDEO]
I would not believe this if I did not see it with my own eyes. Watch as a semi-truck actually jumps a race car. This stunt landed a Guinness World-Record for longest jump length (83 feet, 7 inches).
Nose Typist Sets Guiness World Record [VIDEO]
I have received many emails and text messages that look like they were typed by someones face due to spelling errors. Watch as one man actually types correctly with a facial feature, his nose. I should have Chris Monroe practice this, he can start typing his dumb ass Facebook posts with his nose, wh…