Hot Female Guitarist Performs Without Pants [VIDEO]
Well here's something you don't see everyday but wish you did. This female guitarist, that once posed for Playboy, seems to be performing with no pants at all. After further investigation into this woman, Angelika Fajcht, I found out she was actually wearing some sort of one piece. Either …
How To Make A Playable AK-47 Guitar
This is actually pretty sweet.  This guy decides to fabricate an electric guitar into the shape of an AK-47.  The end product is awesome and the guitar really works.  You maybe asking why.  Because "Merica" that's why!
Street Performer Shreds on an Acoustic [VIDEO]
A dude with skills like this should not be performing on the streets, this guy should be on stage. Then again, he probably makes more money on the street than he would if he joined a band and tried to go that route. Shred on my good man!
Gangnam Style Gets a Metal Remake [VIDEO]
It seems like everyone and everything has done some sort of a take on the annoying viral video "Gangnam Style" but this is the first metal version of the song that I've ran across. And honestly, it doesn't suck all that bad.
11-Year-Old Girl Shredding Guitar Solo [VIDEO]
11-year-old girls are usually good at being dramatic, acting like they know everything and that's about it.  This girl is an exception though, as she absolutely shreds on the guitar.  Check it out and feel like crap about your guitar skills.
100 Famous Guitar Riffs In One Take
Guitars have been around for a while now and I'm pretty sure they aren't going anywhere. Here's 100 of the most famous riffs of all time, all played in one take.
50 Great Guitar Licks From The Early 90’s
Not bad for one guy with one guitar.  Although the use of a pedal or two wouldn't have hurt.  He definitely tried to cover all the bases but it's hard to cover all the songs from the early 90's in five minutes.  What songs did he miss that you think should be in there?
Introducing The Beer Can Guitar Amp [VIDEO]
Apparently some brilliant maniac has combined both of our favorite things into one conveniently portable package. Ladies and gentleman we present you with the future of alcoholism/guitar amplification -- the beer can guitar amp.
Guitarist Fails At Swinging His Guitar
This is what happens when you showboat in front of 10's and 10's of people.  It was his big moment to swing that guitar around his head and he blows it.  What makes it worse is that you know he has been practicing that since he was six years old.  I think the look on his fac…

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