Bay City Woman Fired Over Halloween Costume
A Michigan woman is facing a lot of scrutiny after dressing as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween. Alicia Ann Lynch was not only fired over the costume, her and her family have received death threats and people even dug up nude photos of her and plastered them across the internet.
Awesome Vampire In The City Halloween Prank [VIDEO]
The scare videos are coming out left and right as we amp up to Halloween night.  Most of them are pretty bad.  If all you do is jump out at someone and scream, it doesn't count as a scare prank, you are just an ahole of a friend.  This is a good Halloween scare prank.
Spider on Hand Prank Would Get Sarge Killed [VIDEO]
A few weeks ago I told you about how my favorite kind of prank is jumping out or sneaking up and scaring people. I also told you how my girl has punched and slapped multiple times for doing that (You'd think I'd learn. Nope). So, if she does that from sneaking up on her, its safe to s…

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