Everything Destroyed In Super Slow Motion HD
I can't tell if this a music video, or destruction porn, but either way it's effing awesome.  Watch waterbeds, bottles of coke, laundry lines, and a bunch of other crap get destroyed in a bunch of awesome ways.
Face Vs Book
This is actually a pretty straight forward video. It's shot with an HD camera shooting at over 1000 frames per second and features a dude getting rocked with a phone book. C'mon, you've got ten seconds to waste.
Breakfast Foods Flying Through The Air In HD Slow Motion
No ifs ands or buts about it, I love breakfast food.  Hashbrowns, pancakes, oatmeal, bacon, I love it all.  For whatever reason, a fellow breakfast lover decided to launch a breakfast feast into the air and film it in super slow motion HD.  Check out the delicious chaos.