Man Drives Big Wheel On Busy Highway [VIDEO]
Here is another thing I never thought I would see in my life. This dude decided he needed to ride his big wheel on the highway. No, it was not mechanical or have any kind of engine. He was just pedaling along like a jerk. I'd be willing to bet some sort of drugs were used in the making of …
Idiot Driving Camaro Causes Wreck On Highway [VIDEO]
The stupidity of some people blows me away. What part of passing on the shoulder seemed like a good idea in his? It looks like a little road rage might played into it too. One of the highlights of the video is how the guy reacts that is in the car with the dash cam. Pulling over to finish the phone …
Huge Sink Hole Opens Up On The Highway [VIDEO]
Even though this seems like a pothole you would see in Flint, it would still be scary as hell to be next to it. Imagine just sitting there listening to the radio then all of a sudden, the f'n ground next to you disappears! I'd be climbing out the passenger side of the car.