Home Run

Miggy Launched One All The Way To Adams Street Last Night [VIDEO]
If you have been to Comerica Park, you know exactly were this ball left the park. Adams Street sees quite a bit of activity during Tiger games. Many of the party and shuttle buses are in that area, there is a smoking area there if you're in the park and need a smoke, and there are some areas wh…
Little Leaguer Hits Monster 370-Foot Home Run [VIDEO]
This kid is a beast. During this little league game, this kid gets a hold of this pitch and rocks it 370 feet. The best part is that his family was being interviewed at the same time be a TV reporter. Their reactions are awesome when they hear the sound of the bat.
Home Run First of its Kind in 50 Years [VIDEO]
Ok, I know lead off home runs happen everyday in the MLB. Even fewer are the number of lead off lead off home runs that happen on the very first pitch of the game. This home run meets both the criteria. So, what makes it so special?