Take a Moment and Rethink How You Look at Homeless People [VIDEO]
So many times in our lives we've walked by a homeless man or woman and just went on about our day to never look back or wonder who that person really was. This group called Rethink Homelessness asked some homeless people to write down a fact about themselves on a piece of cardboard and their an…
Homeless Valedictorian Is An Inspiration [VIDEO]
Griffin Furlong is truly an inspiration. Griffin lost his mother to cancer when he was only 6-years-old and has been in and out of homeless shelters for most of his life. Somehow he managed to not miss one day of school and was actually named class valedictorian.
Homeless Man is Surprised With a New Home [VIDEO]
A while back this homeless man was tricked into thinking he won the lottery and because he was so generous and wanted to share the money, the story went viral. People from around the world started asking how they could help this nice man, so a fundraiser was started where over $40,000 was raised...

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