Man Gives Honest Answer To Lottery Question On Live TV [VIDEO]
Seems like everyone has gone Powerball crazy lately, hell, even I bought a ticket. During a live spot at some lottery place, this reporter picked the wrong guy to talk to. When asked what he would do if he won the Powerball, he gave one of the best answers ever for live TV. It looks like no one won …
Tony The Tiger Is A Grrreat Help To Hookers [VIDEO]
Do you remember Frosted Flakes? They are Grrreat according to Tony the Tiger! FF's are not just great for kids, they apparently are grrreat for hookers too! See for yourself in this commercial spoof. If the cereal can bring out the tiger in this tramp, just think what it could do to your wife!
Apparently, Androids Will Replace Hookers By 2050
We bet you anticipate, nay expect, androids to be incorporated into everyday life by 2050 – but we bet you didn’t count on the fact that in 2050 our “ladies of the night” could also require oil changes and scratch-resistant coatings.