Houston’s Most Disgusting House On The Market [VIDEO]
I've let my house go once or twice in my life, but nothing a day of cleaning couldn't fix. This house is way beyond that. Nothing short of gutting it or burning it to the ground can help this home. I have no idea how home owners can have such a nice house only to let it get destroyed by a …
Sending A Friend Into The Wrong House Prank [VIDEO]
This one is actually pretty good. They only way it could be better is if the guy was chased with a baseball bat. This horrible friend invites his buddy over and tells him to just walk on in. His friend follows directions, but the only problem is that his friend purposely gave him the wrong address. …
Tree Getting Cut Down Destroys House
As soon as this video starts, you already know what is going to happen. That tree is ridiculously large and that house is just sitting there, waiting to get squashed. Watch the lumber jack fail of the week.