Hoverboards Are Made For Standing, Not Sitting [VIDEO]
Leaving it to a blonde to try and find different things she can sit on. While playing with a hoverboard, this chick decides to ride a hoverboard by sitting on it. Once she gets going she slams into the wall and leaves a huge hole. If anything, this is good for a laugh or 20.
Tony Hawk Rides Hoverboard [VIDEO]
It is the future people. We don't talk, we text. We don't go outside, we play indoor games. We don't skateboard anymore, we hoverboard! Watch as Tony Hawk takes a hoverboard for a spin.
Hoverboard Is Obviously Fake Viral Marketing — Or is it? [VIDEO]
Yesterday a swarm of celebs came together in L.A. for a Back to the Future-themed ad campaign for a real-life hoverboard. And they did it in less than 25 years after the movie debuted that made us fall in love with flying skateboards. Yes! finally they're here! Except they're not.
Go ‘Back to the Future’ With Official Marty McFly Hoverboard
Twenty-three years ago, as ‘Back to the Future, Part II’ first hit theaters, kids everywhere got their first look at a toy from the future.  It was the Mattel Hoverboard, the skateboard without wheels that uses futuristic technology to float inches above the ground. Rumors swirled in the ’80s and ’9…