Hula Hoop

Hot Chick Hula Hooping In The Snow
It's January in Michigan and the weather is going ape sh--.  We just had some 60 degree days and now we are back to the teens.  So to help make the transition a little easier, enjoy some Katie Sunshine and her hula hoop hips of wonder.
Hot Girl in Tights Can Rock a Hula Hoop [VIDEO]
These Hula Hoop videos are becoming really popular and for good reason. Just take a look at this hot chick wearing tights as she puts on a little show for us. I'm so glad she decided to not wear sweat pants for this video, same goes for me right now (insert boner sound effect).
The Hula Cam Captures Hot Chicks at Burning Man [VIDEO]
Watching a chick hula hoop is erotic as hell.  With all that hip gyrating going on, you get a really clear picture of what a chick is like in bed.  Now you can get an even better view of hula hoop hotties with the 'Hula Cam.'  Check these chicks out.
Hooters Girl Is Unbelievable With A Hula Hoop
The talents of Hooters girls never cease to amaze me.  A hula hoop is such a simple toy but when you wrap one around the right set of boobs, they become awesome.  I'll be broadcasting live from Hooters next Tuesday and I plan to see if any of our local Hooters girls can keep up. …
Hot Hooters Girl Can Really Hula Hoop
Here at the Banana, we love Hooters. What we love even more is a Hooters girl that can really earn that tip. This chick definitely works for her tip as she can hula hoop her ass off. I would give anything to be the hula hoop in this video. Check out here awesome moves after the jump.
Hot Hula Hoop Chick
Somethings really don't need much of an explanation, and this is one such thing.  Check out this hottie working her hips and keeping it up.