Hulk Hogan

Brother Lover! Hulk Hogan Latest Celebrity Sex Tape Victim
I think there are two victims here, the Hulkster and the poor woman he had sex with.
The New York Post is reporting that a sex tape starring the super star wrestler is being shopped around to porn distributors.  Hulk Hogan claims the tape was made without his knowledge. According to Contact Music the…
Hulk Hogan Claims To Have Almost Been Metallica’s Bassist
Thunderlips on 'Ride the Lightning?' It's not everyday you get to make a Metallica and 'Rocky 3' reference at the same time but Hulk Hogan's latest unbelievable claim has allowed just that. The wrestler recently said that Lars Ulrich asked him to play bass in an early v…
Hulk Hogan Midget Reality Show
Something about the title "Hulk Hogan Midget Reality Show" just sounds right.  The Hulkster is going to have a new show where he trains midget wrestlers in the ways of the squared circle.  Fire that DVR up America!