Fake Celebrity Fools Entire Mall
Considering you really don't have to do much to be a celebrity nowadays, I'm surprised I haven't seen something like this before. Watch an entire mall get tricked into thinking some random dude was famous.
Backyard Wrestling Fail [VIDEO]
Untrained, unathletic,  and unbelievably stupid.  That pretty much sums up backyard wrestling.  If you wanna laugh at white trash hurting themselves, check this out.
Worst Winter Driving Ever [VIDEO]
Well, the end of the world is here.  Or at least that what it seems, because people are freaking out about this blizzard.  My advice is you keep your ass at home, but if you do go out, don't be like these idiots.
Facebook Status Updates That Piss Me Off
Love it or hate it, facebook has changed the way we do things.  Everybody is on it, and everybody wants to be your friend.  I'm all about facebook and I want you to add me and the Banana, but I don't want you to post like an idiot.  So when you're about to click Share, …