13 Most Epic Michigan Tattoos on Instagram [PHOTOS]
As someone who has gone back and forth for years about getting a tattoo, I can appreciate someone committing to a piece... even if it is "ragretful."  Nothing is more sure on this earth than the love Michiganders feel for the state, so it's no surprise that a lot of them …
Butthole Tattoos Becoming More Common [VIDEO]
When you're getting tattooed, there are some parts of the body that hurt worse than others. The back of the knees, the ribs and the spine are all painful, but none of those can be as painful as the newest trend in ink, butthole tattoos.
Hot Chicks With Tattoos
I figured it was about time for me to jump on this hot chick band wagon with Tony and Fantone. Well, here are some hot chicks showing off their ink!