McDonald’s Debuts Chocolate Pumpkin Fries [VIDEO]
Before you get too excited - chocolate pumpkin fries are only available in Japan. Wah wah. I suppose you could create your own here in the USA though. I do like pumpkin drinks and chocolate, but I am not so sure about this combo. Would you eat these fries?
Drink Dispensing Sex Doll NSFW [VIDEO]
Why tap a keg when you can tap her? Check out the latest and greatest party favor from Japan, a sex doll that dispenses liquids from her boobs. She may look like fun, but heads up she is pricey piece! This busty beverage holder is $5000! Cheers!
Japanese Egg Masturbation Toy
Japan, you've done it again.  Check out this video, featuring what seems to be some sort of egg-toy.  Then check out how it quickly it become obvious what the toys real purpose is.
Monkey Man Is Worlds Fastest Four Legged Runner
Being a monkey would be pretty sweet, considering that you get to eat a lot of bananas, everything you do is hilarious, and if something is pissing you off, you can just throw crap at it. This dude really wanted to be a monkey, so he started walking like one.

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