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Jim Leyland Sounds Off On Umps Blowing Call
You can't get mad at Jimmy "Smokes" for being fired up about the terrible officiating that cost the Tigers a game against the Red Sox.  It really was an awful call, and it really cost the Tigers the game.  Check out what Leyland had to say about the officials and the…
The Week In Sports Recap 5/7/12
Have you ever spent the entire weekend, on your couch, drinking, smoking, and watching sports?  Welcome to my life.  Check out my thoughts on aftermath of Junior Seau's suicide, the ridiculousness that is Floyd Mayweather, and why Jimmy Smokes Leyland is stressing me out.
Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland Ejected From The Game Last Night
This one is history in the making.  It's not too often that you see Jim Leyland show any kind of expression period.  I don't even think I have ever seen him stand during a post-game interview.  However, I am 100% percent behind him on this one.  Clearly Andy Dirks was out but it's the principle of t…