A Montage Of Comedians Taking On Hecklers [VIDEO]
Anyone that know me, knows I am huge stand-up comedy fan. Some of the best parts of comedy shows are when drunk aholes try to show up the comedian. It never works out for them and they always end up shamed. Check out this video of famous comedians doing just that.
Fake a Broken Nose With Nothing More Than Uncooked Pasta[VIDEO]
Roman Atwood is back at his pranking ways. This time he goes up to random people on the street and asks if his nose looks like it's broken. While they're looking at it, he pretends to try to reset it and bites down on a piece of uncooked pasta to make a crunching sound causing everyone he does this …
Mike Hunt Didn’t Make It To Roll Call At Council Meeting
We all love 'elementary' humor -- especially when it's about farts, butts or genitalia! The speaker of the house seems to have no clue that who he's looking for is probably in his wife's skirt -- or his wife in general. I'm pretty sure the next few names will be: I.P. Freely, Seymour Butts, Alotta B…