jon lajoie

Show Me Your Genitals, 2008 – Throwback Thursday
For months after this video came out, you could hear someone singing "Your Genitalia" throughout the office. Comedian Jon Lajoie claimed internet viral glory with this one. Take a listen but be warned, it will be stuck in your head all day!
Jon Lajoie – Please Use This Song [VIDEO]
Jon Lajoie over the years has released so many hilarious videos and this one is no exception. This tune is called 'Please Use This Song' and he's asking for it to be used in national corporate commercials as a joke of course. The song is funny as hell like always and super catchy, thi…
Jon Lajoie’s Dating Service Commercial
Jon Lajoie is funny as hell, you may have watched some of his videos or maybe you've heard my interview with him. This is a dating service commercial done the right way, no sugar coating at all. Not every relationship can be perfect so "Make babies with someone you hate."
Jon Lajoie is Back With “F— Everything” NSFW
This guy is hilarious.  From the guy that brought us "Everyday Normal Guy" and "Show Me Your Genitals" we now have a new direction.  He's gangsta now!  This could quite possibly become the theme song to Flint.  Check it out.  I'v…