Dude Tries To Jump On Top Of A Trash Can, Fails [VIDEO]
Sometimes you just need to leave athletic feats to athletic people. This guy, for some reason, tries to jump on top of a trash can. However, he overestimated his vertical leap. The first clue that he would fail was because he was outside a restaurant and not in a damn gym.
Semi-Truck Jumps Race Car [VIDEO]
I would not believe this if I did not see it with my own eyes. Watch as a semi-truck actually jumps a race car. This stunt landed a Guinness World-Record for longest jump length (83 feet, 7 inches).
Dude Jumps Over Speeding Lamborghini
Even if I could jump over a car, I wouldn't do it.  This dude obviously has a set much larger than mine though, and he leaps a Lambo speeding at him.  I'm pretty sure I would poop my pants and get hit by a car.