Road Raging Driver Gets Instant Karma On The Highway [VIDEO]
There is no way around it, this guy is just an ahole. While driving down the highway, the BMW driver gets annoyed by the driver next to him. After a moment of what likes like pointing and yelling while driving side by side, the driver attempts to intimidate the other. After doing that, he lost contr…
Another School Bully Gets What He Deserves [VIDEO]
This is why you never count out someone smaller than you. The bully in the red shirt picked on the wrong kid this day. The little guy in the white shorts rocked him with a vicious right, tackled him to the ground, and gave him one more for good measure.
Top 10 Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Now that's karma for you.  The internet is full of prank videos.  Some are good some are bad.  This video shows you exactly what these guys get for trying to pull these pranks off.  Bravo to all the people that knocked the pranksters out.
Girl Talks Trash and Finds Out Karma Can Be A Bitch
This really is just some Mexican girl talking some high school crap about some other girl but at the end of the video, she finds out that karma can truly be a bitch. The first line of the video is great and I quote " Yo yo yo white bitches". I can't believe after all the S*#t …
The Best Excuse Ever To Go Out For Beers
If your woman is anything like mine, she'll give you the "Okay" to go out and have a few beers with the fellas, then give you a guilt trip when you come at 3 in the morning smelling like a combination of brewery and strippers.  An Argentine brewery has a fool proof way to…