Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Is Training For ‘John Wick 2′ [VIDEO]
Things are looking good for 'John Wick' fans. Keanu has begun training for the sequel to the movie and I'm pretty sure we can expect some serious gun battles. The first movie was badass, so hopefully the next one will be just as good. Check out his gun training here, he really is beco…
Keanu Reeves a True Gentleman
Usually when you watch a video of a celebrity out in public, they are normally rude or freaking out over something. It's kinda cool and refreshing to see a video like this, where Keanu Reeves is sitting on the subway and then offers his seat up to a woman who is standing there. A celebrity with…
Porno’s Amazing Actors [VIDEO]
If you are anything like me, you watch porn for the story.  If you are into character development, real emotion, and raw acting talent, go watch a Keanu Reeves movie.  If you wanna laugh at porn stars, watch this.