kevin hart

Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Go To A Haunted House [VIDEO]
Kevin Hart was back with Jimmy on the streets again. This time they went to a haunted house together. I would absolutely love to do this with Maggie, but I don't think there is enough tequila in the world to make that happen. Might have to resort to cold hard cash.
Conan Hits The Gym With Kevin Hart [VIDEO]
It's not too often that I get to watch late night TV, but when Kevin Hart is on Conan it always ends up being hilarious. Here they decided to hit the gym together. Kevin Hart is a beast, Conan, not so much. On the other hand, if I was able to host a late night show, I was be in the worst shape …
Chick Mistakes Kevin Hart For Chris Rock [VIDEO]
This chick definitely gets the airhead award for the day. While out one the town, this girl runs into Kevin Hart. Instantly she wants a selfie with him. However, the problem is that she thinks he is Chris Rock. He handled it well and put it out there on Snapchat for us all to enjoy.
Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Play Mind Link [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden and played a round of Mind Link. It almost seems like a PG version of Cards Against Humanity without knowing the question. They were even able to score some of the audience members $100 cash.