Kids React to Old Computers [VIDEO]
Size does matter when it comes to technology, smaller is definitely better. We have posted a few videos regarding kids reacting to rotary phones, and kids seeing a Walkman for the first time. The reactions are priceless! So this time around, we have kids reacting to old computers. Technology has cer…
Kids Screw up Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed…Twice [VIDEO]
These little dudes have the best intentions in the world to give mom breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. You'll see they are struggling to carry their big surprise and it's not long before fruit boy drops the entire bowl of fruit, not once but twice. You can't help but feel bad on …
Kids Reacting to a Walkman Will Make You Feel Old [VIDEO]
To the younger generation, a portable cassette player is a really strange device. My generation on the hand rocked the hell out of the Walkman back in the day, everyone had one. Watch as these kids see a Walkman for the first time and try to understand just how it works.

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