20 Strangers Are Asked to Kiss For The Very First Time [VIDEO]
Kissing someone for the very fist time can be a very awkward moment unless you've been pouring booze down you throat all night. This is what happened after 20 strangers were asked to be filmed kissing someone they had never met before. At first it is very awkward but then watch as the sparks fl…
Getting a Girl to Kiss You is Actually Pretty Easy [VIDEO]
I honestly would not have the balls or confidence to walk up to a strange woman, ask her three questions and then just start kissing her. This guy did it and it actually worked every time, well at least in this video. I would like to see a remake of this with a big fat slob of a guy and see what hap…
Japanese Kissing Machine [VIDEO]
The Japanese aren't about to let a massive earthquake/tsunami hold them back when it comes to more realistic robot sex.  Check out the Japanese Kissing Machine.