Knock Out

Bully On Train Gets Put In His Place And Takes A Nap [VIDEO]
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this bully was under the influence of something. As he is getting in the face of a couple guys on the train, another passenger had just about enough. Just before a fight was about to break out, the biggest dude on the train slapped a choke hold on…
Mardi Gras Party Guy Knocked Out By Bag Of Beads [VIDEO]
Partying for Mardi Gras can be a dangerous thing. Whether it be too much alcohol or flying beads, you have to keep your head up when you're going hard for Mardi Gras. This guy was taking in a parade and holding up a sign on the side of the street. Apparently the sign caused the float to toss hi…
Student Gets Rocked In High School Classroom [VIDEO]
I'm not entirely sure what happened that started this. It starts with one kid throwing something at another on in class. The "victim" of the thrown object doesn't take to well to that. He walks up on him and knocks him out right in front of the teacher.
Drunk Guy Knocks Himself Out On Door Knob [VIDEO]
He didn't make it very far from the couch. Watch as this drunk guy tries to get up and go to the kitchen. Apparently his feet did not want to cooperate for the journey. As he tries to move around the couch, BOOM, the door knob takes him out.
Young Punk Knocked Out By Old Man At The Beach [VIDEO]
Who knows what started this but that is karma at work. This young punk is yelling at all the girls on the beach and being an ass. The one old guy with them tries to calm the situation down. After the punk gets physical, a swift right knocks the dude right out.

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