Kick Boxer Knocks Himself Out During Match [VIDEO]
Losing a match is one thing, but knocking yourself out is another. This guy is never going to live this down. He attempts some sort of weird flying kick, completely misses, and lands on his back knocking himself out cold. Even the other fighter was pretty surprised about it.
Quick Fight And Knockout In Parking Lot – Friday Night Fights
This seems to start pretty slow but picks up with the quickness. This just goes to show that you can only threaten people for so long before they react. After a few minutes of talking crap, the guy in the black jeans had enough. After busting up the other guys car, he then busts up his face!
Vicious Knockout Punch Will Even Make You Feel The Pain
Now that's a perfectly landed combo.  It's not too often I come across boxing knockouts anymore; it's mainly MMA clips nowadays.  However, I'm so glad this popped up.  Be sure to check out the slow motion part of the video, the poor guy looks like a cartoon.
Showboating MMA Fighter Get Knocked Out Cold
Here is the classic case of being over confident.  This dude decided to not only take punches from his opponent openly, he also decided to taunt him.  Apparently that pissed of his opponent enough to lay him out with one punch.  When that guy wakes up, he will never be able to live th…
Reality TV Gone Wrong, Actor Knocked Out
This is what you get when you have a stupid idea for a reality show.  These guys setup cameras to see what people would do if they saw a mugger.  Bravo to the guy that administered the devastating round house kick to the face.  Check out the brutal kick after the jump!
Knockout Compilation Video
Well, it's Monday morning and I'm not happy about it.  For some reason, people feel the need to be cheery.  This morning on Facebook I counted at least 4 updates that were along the lines of "back to work, time to kick this week's ass."  All I can say to those people it "shut up!"…
Awesome Hockey Knockout [VIDEO]
Jim Jorgensen VS. Judd Blackwater!  Two punches and ole Jimmy is down!  That's what you get for fighting someone named Judd.  Also, does it piss anyone else off that there had to be a bad Charlie Sheen mention by the announcers?