Life Hacks

Debunking Internet “Life Hacks” [VIDEO]
The internet is full of these stupid "life hacks." Most of the time when I see these things I think two things. First, that looks like it only works in the perfect conditions. Second, I will never have a reason to use that idea. This guy decided to go through and test a bunch of th…
How To Sneak Into A Baseball Game [VIDEO]
I'm sure most of this works every time. Watch as this guy not only sneaks into the game but also scores free beer and food. I do have to say though, the beer trick would definitely end up in a fight at a Tiger game. Watch and learn people.
Life Hacks: Creating a Computer Screen Only You Can See [VIDEO]
So, you're looking at something private on your computer, like an email from a loved one or an important legal document, but definitely "not porn", when you notice that someone is looking at your screen. Yeah, awkward,  trust me, we know that feel.  But now your…