Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit Blamed For Van Halen Gig Cancellation
As if Fred Durst needs any more reasons for you to hate him. Limp Bizkit are speaking out against claims that they were reason Van Halen's return to Australia was canceled. Usually I board the 'hate on Durst' bandwagon whenever possible, but I don't see the logic in this one.
Limp Bizkit Releases ‘Gold Cobra’ Music Video
Yes, the L-I-M-P is officially back. Marking their return to the world of rap rock, is the video for the title track to the new album 'Gold Cobra'. It wouldn't be a Limp Bizkit video without goofy dancing, red fitted hats, expensive cars, or Wes Borland looking like he was involved in…

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