little girl

Little Girl Sings Hard Rock Song and Owns it [VIDEO]
Little kids rocking out are always so damn cute but when they actually rock, it's down right adorable. With subtitles included, this little girl proves there is still hope for the younger generation of rockers. Way to go little lady, you rock.
Cute Little Girl Plays With a Dead Squirrel
Ok, what parent lets their kid play with dead animals?!
Apparently the family dog killed the neighborhood squirrel and this little girl fell in love with it. To me, it's so effing nasty to watch her hug, pet and cuddle with this thing. I would flip out if i saw my kid lovin' on some dead ro…
Creepy Girl in Hallway Prank [VIDEO]
Hidden cameras capture just how scared people are of a creepy little girl standing motionless in a dark hotel corridor. Regardless, that you can't understand what in the hell they are saying, this is pretty cool and funny.