Kids Form “Human Arrow” To Help Police Helicopter [VIDEO]
While playing in a field in London, these kids noticed a couple of guys running from police. Shortly after seeing this, the kids all got down on the ground to form a "human arrow." The police helicopter noticed the kids and were able to track down the two suspects. A little more fa…
Man Gets Penis Caught In Toaster [VIDEO]
Does your toaster have a warning label on it that reads 'Do Not Insert Penis'? Would you need to be told NOT to put your penis in a toaster? Common sense did not prevail in one Englishman's case, he did indeed put his penis inside of a toaster and it did get stuck!
London Bar Offers Urine Controlled Video Gaming
Just when you thought there was nothing to do while taking a piss!  The Exhibit Bar in South London is providing peeing patrons an opportunity to play video games while visiting the urinals.
Customers can "ski" or "extinguish flames" with the power of their pe…
London Riot Police Beat Down Footage
So the bloody ol' Brits are still at it.  I don't know if they are rioting over quality of dental insurance or having a Fish and Chips Revolution,  but riots have been going on in the UK over the past couple of days and it's provided for some good video footage.