maggie meadows

Russian Vodka Chug [VIDEO]
If ever there were the perfect man for Maggie Meadows...It's this guy!  This may be the only person that can out drink Maggie with vodka.  The whole bottle in 30 seconds, like a champ!
Maggie Owes Me A Dollar! [VIDEO]
So Maggie owes me a dollar and keeps ducking me!  It's a bit annoying seeing as how I only have 35 cents in my pocket.  That in turn keeps me from the $1.35 that is needed in order to facilitate the 20 oz. Coca-Cola that will aid me in enjoying the fully-loaded seasoned beef burrito f…
Maggie Meadows Riding The Mechanical Bull
We teamed up with Espionage Marketing for The Bull Run!  Yes, I'll be the first to say that she did beat me in time, but I'm fine with that.  But only Maggie would wear 5 inch heels to ride a the of course I had to rescue her and help her up on to the damn thing!

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