Magician Mat Franco Blows Gronk’s Mind [VIDEO]
Magicians are getting really good today. Card tricks and slight of hand are one thing, but this is kind of crazy. I want to become a magician just to see how the hell this guy did this. How the hell it go into the football is beyond me.
This Guy Has the Art of Making Vine Videos Mastered [Video]
L.A. video artist Zach King, might be the best Vine video poster out there. People are comparing them to "magic" tricks because it's tough to figure out how he does some of them. Although some of them actually have special effects, most of his stuff is just straight up cl…
Magic Trick Gone Wrong — Real Or Fake?
At first, this is just hilarious and we feel blessed that this was captured on camera.  After watching it a few times though, you begin to wonder if this is fake.  Tony believes that the little kid had a secret opening that he rolled into -- what parents create a false floor for a magic tr…