Loud Drunk Knocked Out At McDonalds [VIDEO]
Alcohol always brings out the fight in people. This guy is dead set on getting into a fight with one of the other dudes there. After his poor attempt at a headbutt, they fight back. It only took one punch to put the drunk to sleep.
Topless Girl Goes Wild At McDonald’s [VIDEO]
So this is what people mean by 'cray cray'! Watch as a topless woman destroys a Florida McDonald's. I am not sure why the guys in the video were unable to stop her, but the end result is her taking something white and creamy to the face! Enjoy!
One Guy Gets Two DUIs at the Same McDonald’s in One Night
I'm sure the third shift workers of McDonald's have seen a ton of crazy things considering their food usually seems way better after a night of drinking than any other time.  One man in New York wanted Mickey D's food so bad that not even getting arrested could stop him from his …

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