Meatloaf Collapsed On Stage At A Recent Concert [VIDEO]
Early reports are saying that Meatloaf just fainted on stage during the concert. Watching the video though, it looks to me like it was something else. When you faint, most people just hit the ground. Here in the video you can see him slowly making his way to the floor. Regardless of what happened, l…
Maggie’s Meatloaf Makes Boyfriend Sick, But He Wants More
I am not much in the kitchen. When I was a kid I was not allowed to use the stove. I don't mean when I was 6-years-old, I'm talking about a when I was a teenager. My dad would leave explicit instructions to NOT COOK ANYTHING. Since I was not allowed to cook, I started setting fire to paper…
Meatloaf Goes Ape S*#^ On Gary Busey! [VIDEO]
I haven't been following Celebrity Apprentice this year, but now I may have too!  Meatloaf completely loses it on Gary and for once, it wasn't Gary's fault!  Meatloaf had to feel like a complete tool after this rant!