Mechanical Bull

Drunk Chick VS Mechanical Bull [NSFW]
This is just about everything you would expect based on the title.  Just a completely hammered slob of a woman trying to ride the mechanical bull.  Judging by the sing along of 'I Love This Bar' going on in the background, this is nearing the end of the night.  You can tell the bull operator just ha…
Hot Chick Rides Mechanical Bull [VIDEO]
This is just the type of video to get you motivated on a Monday morning.  First of all, she doesn't use her hands.  Think of the leg strength on this girl and imagine the possibilities!  Also, about three minutes in she turns around and rides it backwards!  This girl has had…
Maggie Meadows Riding The Mechanical Bull
We teamed up with Espionage Marketing for The Bull Run!  Yes, I'll be the first to say that she did beat me in time, but I'm fine with that.  But only Maggie would wear 5 inch heels to ride a the of course I had to rescue her and help her up on to the damn thing!