Mark Ingram Returns to Flint on Saturday
Mark Ingram Jr. is Flint's only Heisman Trophy winner, and the current New Orleans Saints running back is returning home to help raise awareness for men's health.  Check out the details on how you can attend for free.
The Opposite Of Your Normal Bar Night
When you go out to the bars, things are usually pretty predictable.  You almost always know what you're getting yourself into and there are rarely any surprises.  This video takes that standard bar night and flips it upside down.
Study Reveals Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men
Well, well, well isn't this interesting?  A Stanford University School of Medicine study reveals that females feel pain much stronger than males.  72,000 people participated in this study and the end result was women reported feeling about 20 percent more pain than men.
Does this mean women are not a…
What Social Media Tells Us About Our Manhood [UPDATED]
Social media is not just for teens and tweens, it seems to be the way most men feel comfortable about communicating with others as well.  Yes the majority of the population has a Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even a blog, but is this the way a man feels most comfortable communicating with others…
It’s OK To Like Christmas.
I've been kind of disturbed this year with all the Christmas backlash.  It seems most guys have put Christmas on the same level as crying in public and watching Glee.  And that's something I can't stand for.  Here are some tips for making things more manly this holiday …