Meth Found In Halloween Candy [VIDEO]
Why do we tell kids not to take candy from strangers, yet send them out trick-or-treating on Halloween night? It makes zero sense to me. I would hope if you are a parent, that you inspect your child's and or children's candy before they are allowed to eat it. If you normally don'…
Meth Use On The Rise In Genesee County [VIDEO]
So far this year, FANG (Flint Area Narcotics Group) has busted 35 meth labs. According to ABC 12, that is triple the amount from just two years ago. Not cool. The people cooking this garbage might not care about their lives, but they are putting innocent people at risk when making meth indoors or wh…
Meth Lab Discovered At Taco Bell [VIDEO]
Is this what happens when fast food workers don't get paid fifteen dollars an hour? They turn all 'Breaking Bad'? A Taco Bell employee in Iowa is out of a job after using the fast food kitchen as a meth lab. Apparently there is a meal after 'Fourth Meal' - it's 'Me…
Michigan Lawmakers Introduce Meth Registry Bill
Michigan lawmakers introduced a bill last week that they say would help curb the methamphetamine problem by making it illegal for anyone convicted of a meth-related crime to purchase medicines containing pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

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