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Michigan Prisons Offer Wiccan Services
An inmate currently serving a lengthily sentence for murder in a Michigan prison has filed a lawsuit against the state because he claims they did not permitted hime to take part in Wiccan services while in toplock.
Michigan Inmate Aramark’d for Death
Aramark food service workers in Michigan have been accused this year of banging the inmates as well as serving them maggot-infested cuisine, but the latest report from The Detroit Free Press indicates that amongst this sleazy organization of sex fiends and the hygienically challenged exists employee…
Michigan Prisoners Sick After Eating Maggots
When the subject of prison comes up in social circles, what typically makes most individuals squeamish is the thought of being savagely gang raped. This is because no one considers the possibility of being forced to eat maggots, which is exactly what the inmates of one Michigan correctional facility…