Michigan Officials Discover Gas Pump, Credit Card Scam
While it is not uncommon to feel as though you are being ripped off at a gas station, especially when the price of fuel soars to the neighborhood of $4 per gallon, motorists now have to be concerned about being robbed blind every time they swipe their card at the pump.
Help Michigan Legalize Marijuana in 2016
Michigan is on its ways to legalizing marijuana in 2016, but organizers still need your support to help raise enough campaign funds to bring prohibition to its knees.
Reports indicate that MILegalize has been challenged to match $100,000 in donations in the month of October...
Flint Makes List of Drunkest Cities in Michigan
Flint has been deemed one of the drunkest cities in Michigan. Earlier this week, a website called Road Snacks ranked some of the most booze friendly communities across the state -- ranking Flint the 8th drunkest city.

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