Flint Makes List of Drunkest Cities in Michigan
Flint has been deemed one of the drunkest cities in Michigan. Earlier this week, a website called Road Snacks ranked some of the most booze friendly communities across the state -- ranking Flint the 8th drunkest city.
Michigan Students Helping to Legalize Marijuana in 2016
A group of student activists attending Central Michigan University are attempting to legalize a cannabis industry in 2016. Reports indicate that students have partnered with MILegalize to assist in passing an initiative aimed at repealing prohibition across the state.
Michigan Cops Pulling Teenagers Over for Being Good Drivers
Getting pulled over is something that typically only takes place when a driver commits a violation to the rules of the road and forces an officer to intervene. However, in some parts of Michigan, cops are now pulling over teenagers on the basis that they are being “good drivers.”
Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Program Could Get Overhaul in 2016
One of the key advocates responsible for shaping Michigan’s medical marijuana program in 2008 would like to see it overhauled. In a recent interview, Tim Beck said the state’s medical marijuana program is outdated in comparison to others that have been established since its passage and n…
Michigan Denies Medical Marijuana for Autism
Michigan’s medical marijuana program has taken another hit. Earlier last week, a proposal that would have allowed medicinal cannabis to be used to treat patients with autism was rejected by one of the state’s top regulatory officials.

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